Uconn Sebac Agreement

The University of Connecticut (UConn) recently announced a new agreement with the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) that will have a significant impact on the university community. The agreement, which was ratified by SEBAC members in October, will govern wages, benefits, and working conditions for over 5,000 employees at UConn.

One of the key provisions of the agreement is a wage increase for SEBAC employees. Under the new agreement, workers will receive a 3% wage increase in the first year, followed by a 3.5% increase in the second year and a 4% increase in the third year. This is a significant increase from the 1.5% wage increase that was negotiated in the previous SEBAC agreement.

The agreement also includes provisions related to healthcare benefits. Under the new agreement, SEBAC employees will continue to receive the same healthcare benefits as they did under the previous agreement, and these benefits will be protected for the duration of the agreement.

In addition to wage and benefit increases, the agreement also includes provisions related to working conditions for SEBAC employees. Specifically, the agreement includes provisions related to job security and the use of temporary workers. Under the new agreement, SEBAC employees will have greater job security and will be protected from layoffs and outsourcing. The agreement also limits the use of temporary workers, which can create instability and uncertainty in the workplace.

Overall, the new agreement between UConn and SEBAC represents a significant step forward for both employees and the university community as a whole. The agreement provides important wage and benefit increases for SEBAC workers, while also protecting job security and working conditions. This is a positive development for everyone involved, and it demonstrates UConn`s ongoing commitment to its employees and the communities it serves.