Safe Simple Agreement Future Equity

When it comes to starting a business, one of the most important decisions you`ll make is determining how to fund it. Traditional options include taking out loans, securing investment from venture capitalists, or using personal savings. However, there`s another financing option that`s gaining popularity: the Safe Simple Agreement for Future Equity, or SAFE.

What is a SAFE?

A SAFE is a legal agreement between an investor and a startup company that allows the investor to provide funding in exchange for the right to purchase equity in the company at a future date, typically during a financing round. The agreement is “safe” in that it provides investors with protection against the downside risk of the investment.

How does a SAFE work?

When an investor agrees to fund a startup through a SAFE, they`re essentially giving the company a loan that converts into equity at a future date. The conversion occurs at a pre-determined valuation cap or discount, which incentivizes the investor to invest early.

The company typically has a set amount of time in which to raise its next financing round. If a round is completed within that timeframe, the investor`s convertible loan will convert into equity. If the company fails to raise additional funding within the specified timeframe, the investor can either choose to have their investment returned or to extend the time period for the next financing round.

What are the benefits of a SAFE?

SAFEs offer several benefits to both startups and investors:

1. Simplicity: Compared to traditional financing options, SAFE agreements are relatively simple to create and can be completed quickly.

2. Protection for investors: SAFEs offer investors protection against downside risk by providing them with a guaranteed return on their investment in the form of equity.

3. Less dilution for founders: Because SAFEs don`t require setting an initial valuation for the company, founders can retain a larger percentage of equity.

4. No interest payments: Unlike traditional loans, SAFEs don`t require interest payments, which can be beneficial for cash-strapped startups.

5. Flexibility: The terms of a SAFE can be customized to meet the needs of both the company and the investor.


The SAFE is a relatively new financing option that offers startups an alternative to traditional loans and investment options. While there are certainly risks associated with using a SAFE, they can provide a simple and flexible way for startups to raise funding and for investors to support promising new ventures. As an SEO copy editor, it`s important to understand the basics of a SAFE to accurately and effectively communicate its benefits and risks to readers.