Construction Manager as Advisor Contract

Construction projects are a complex undertaking that requires the coordination of many different moving parts. In order to ensure that the project runs smoothly and efficiently, it is essential to have a knowledgeable and experienced construction manager in place. One way to ensure that your project has expert guidance is to sign a construction manager as advisor contract.

A construction manager as advisor (CMA) contract is an agreement between the owner of a construction project and a professional construction manager. The construction manager is hired to provide expert advice and guidance throughout the various stages of the project. Unlike a traditional construction manager at-risk contract, the CMA contract does not involve the construction manager assuming financial or legal obligations for the project.

The primary objective of a CMA contract is to provide the owner with a reliable and experienced advisor who can help navigate the complexities of a construction project. The construction manager’s role is to assist the owner in making informed decisions regarding the project’s design, budget, timeline and overall construction strategy.

Benefits of a CMA Contract

A CMA contract can provide a number of benefits to both the owner and the project team. Some of these benefits include:

1. Expertise and Guidance: The construction manager has extensive experience in construction projects and can offer valuable advice and guidance throughout the project’s lifecycle.

2. Risk Management: The construction manager can identify and manage potential risks to the project, ensuring that things stay on track and within budget.

3. Budget Control: The construction manager can provide cost estimates and help the owner stay within budget without sacrificing quality or safety.

4. Time Management: The construction manager can help ensure that the project stays on schedule, coordinating with all parties involved in the construction process.

5. Quality Control: The construction manager can help ensure that the project meets the owner’s specifications and quality standards.


A construction manager as advisor contract provides an owner with the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have expert guidance throughout the construction process. With a CMA contract, the owner can be confident that their project is being handled by experienced professionals who are dedicated to achieving success. If you’re planning a construction project, consider the benefits of signing a CMA contract.